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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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something nice you want to say, something mean. call the number on your screen, 877-225-8587. i would throw the real pigskin but i've broken enough lights in the studio. we will see you tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> at this point, you can confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can deny it. >> there is no fisa court order? >> not to my knowledge. >> of anything in trump tower? >> no. >> bill: major angst in washington, president trump tweeting that he believes the obama administration tapped his operation. we will talk to newt gingrich about that. also, there is a new travel ban order. brit hume has some thoughts. violence between pro and anti-trump demonstrators getting worse, even as a college professor is attacked for bringing a speaker onto campus. we will tell you what wen know. >> you are from lebanon and you want to make america great a again? >> yes.
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i just bought a make america great again hat. >> bill: also, ahead, watters going to trump tower to find out what is really going on in there. >> are you going to go into trump tower and have a taco bowl? >> bill: caution, you are aboutt to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. taps, collusion, and chaos. that is the subject of this evening's "talking points memo." and this memo will be free of speculation! no spec zone. the trump haters say his campaign worked with the russians to derail hillary clinton's chances to be president. that accusation has angered the president and tied up his administration with unwanted controversy. showing his annoyance, the president tweeted over the weekend that he believes that
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barack obama himself ordered phone taps at the trump tower. now all hell is breaking loose.m let's look at the facts. unfortunately, there are only two facts in this whole swamp of accusations. only two!s first, the calls between general michael flynn and the russian ambassador were tapped by somebody. and a portion of those conversations were given to "the washington post." so, who tapped the call? we don't know. second fact is that president obama allowed attorney general loretta lynch to change the way u.s. intelligence agencies share unconfirmed data. that happened in january, just a few days before president obama left office. it used to be, the intelligence agencies would guard their secrets. now, the nsa can give them to
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other agencies, even if the intelligence is not confirmed. the results, leaks sprouting all over the place. leaks that are damaging to the trump administration. so, why did president obama change the intel standards? we don't know. but donald trump apparently believes that was to sabotage his incoming administration. that's it. that's the only factual information we can give you. all the rest is blather, opinion, propaganda, now, the entire tawdry mess is based on the russian hacking, which bedeviled the clinton campaign. as stated, some anti-trump people accuse the president at his acolytes of working with the russians. but yesterday, the former director of national intelligence under t president obama said he found no evidence of that. >> does intelligence exist that can definitively answering theoe
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following question, whether there were improper contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials? >> we did not include any evidence in our report, i say our report, that is nsa, fbi, and cia, with my office, the director of national intelligence, that had anything, any reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. there was no evidence of that included in our report. >> bill: that report was issued on january 6. also, a senator investigating the russian deal said the same thing. >> i know you have been briefed by fbi director comey and other members of the intelligence community. you have seen no evidence so far of collusion? o >> thus far, i have not. now, we are still in the relatively early stages and it will be thorough and wide-ranging, follow the facts wherever they take us. >> bill: senator cotton will be here tomorrow night. so any fair-minded person has to acknowledge that there is no evidence of collusion between
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the trump campaign and russia, at least at this point. correct? now, on to the tapping. in order for that to legally happen, a judge would have to issue a fisa warrant. >> if the fbi, for instance, had a fisa court order for surveillance, with that the information you would know? >> yes. >> you would be told this? if there was a fisa court order or something like this? >> yes, something like this, absolutely. >> you can't confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can deny it. >> bill: that is pretty definitive. president trump has asked for an investigation into the alleged tapping. f we assume that will happen but this whole thing is terrible for the country.ed america's credibility is being damaged all over the world. t the federal government's ability to even operate is being impeded. so, for the good of the country, perhaps we should tamp down to
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the madness a bit. let congress do its job and investigate. okay? that is the memo. now, the top story reaction, joining us from arlington, virginia, newt gingrich, who is not working for the trump administration. he is a fox news where am i going wrong here, mr. speaker? >> i think you are largely right. i want to go back to your very first point. there apparently was some kind of wiretapping or listening to the russian ambassador and general flynn. it was leaked, which is, by the way, a felony. that is part of why you have this fury from president trump, every time he turns around, he is faced with a bureaucracy in which during the campaign, 95% of the bureaucrats money was given to clinton, 97% at the justice department,ey 99 at the state department. he is surrounded by people who wish to destroy his administration. they are leaking like crazy.
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president obama made it easier to leak in january. i think if you were donald trump, you would be pretty furious and he would feel that the old order is against you.fe >> bill: the facts are the facts. based upon your government experience, will the two congressional committees investigating this, one senate, one house, be able to find out who tapped the russian ambassador and flynn? will that become apparent fairly quickly? >> it will become apparent if they use their subpoena power and if attorney general sessions enforces that subpoena power. >> bill: he certainly will. >> it is going to be a brawl. if you go back and look at livedontra, which i through, or watergate, before i came to washington, eventually, these committees can get to a lot of stuff. we deserve to know. >> bill: that is the key. the whole case. you have to find out who tapped flynn and the russian ambassador. you have to find out where you
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have to find out whether it was illegal. >> by the way, who else they were tapping. remember, you have the statement that there wasn't a fisa court approval, according to former director of national intelligence, clapper. but if it wasn't, then, who approved the tap that apparently -- >> bill: that is what i'm saying. this whole house of cards. everything falls down as soon as the congressional committees can find out who tapped the ambassador and flynn. a flynn was an american citizen. he wasn't even holding a government position. they would have had to have gotten a warrant in order to do it. if they didn't, now, it is possible, i guess, russian intelligence was tapping it, maybe. in a foreign country, we have to know. that is almost an act of war if that happens. the reason i am doing this -- >> i don't think the russian intelligence tapped the russian ambassador to leak it to "the washington post." >> bill: you don't know. it's possible.
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>> no one does. >> bill: i am trying to be as fair as humanly possible. the speculation surrounding this russian trump campaign makes me sick. not because i am a partisan, but because i am a journalist. it makes me sick to hear every single day and read reports based on anonymous sources that go nowhere, that are purely there to destroy the currentha president. do you feel as strongly about it as i do? >> at least as "the washington post"'s vicious assault on attorney general sessions the other night happened to come the day after trump had a great day, delivered a great speech. you read what they actually wrote. it is such garbage. >> bill: tell the audience. what was it, the vicious assault? >> they have a headline that says, "sessions met on two occasions with the russian ambassador."ul one of the two occasions turns out to be a group of ambassadors at the convention as a group.
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the other happens to be aor meeting by sessions as a u.s. senator on the armed services committee in his office with two senior staff people. we now have pictures of nancy pelosi with the russian ambassador, we have pictures of claire mccaskill. >> bill: you felt that "the washington post"'s reportage, not an editorial, was designed to hurt attorney general sessions and by extension, president trump? >> it is part of the ongoing war of "the post" and "the new york times" against the trump administration. it has nothing to do with journalism. it is an open war against someone they wish to destroy. >> bill: the network news, what they write, gets picked up and the speculation or the out of context reportage becomes -- takes on a life it of its own. that is why donald trump is so angry. he should not have said, unlessi he has proof, maybe he does, that president obama
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tapped trump tower. correct?t? >> that's right. he shouldn't have. on the other hand, i don't know exactly what proof he has. i think you have to cover this later on. you will cover later on tonight this whole issue, i thinku middlebury college, where this professor is under assault for inviting somebody. all of the stuff is growing because the left is going crazyu in response to donald trump winning. >> bill: all right. if the president doesn't have at least strong circumstantial evidence that trump tower was tapped, he should correct the record. because that -- one president lined up against another, almost unprecedented. >> you just proved it was tapped. bill, you proved yourself it was tapped. that is where general flynn was. >> bill: interesting point. that is where general flynn was. very interesting point. i knew there was a reason we had you on tonight.
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[laughter] thanks for helping us out. next on "the rundown," we will get reaction from the other side as dr. austan goolsbee will be here. later, brit hume on the new travel charles krauthammer on intergovernmental warfare.e. watters going to trump tower to cause commotion. those reports after these messages. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> bill: continuing now with the lead story, colluding and tapping, allegedly. joining us from chicago, dr. austan goolsbee. former member of president obama's cabinet. you heard me and speaker gingrich. what say you? >> bill, you said we only have two facts and we won't speculate. one fact was that someone tapped michael flynn and the other was that obama changed the executive order -- >> bill: allowed loretta lynch. >> but you are speculating. the change of the executive order, as you, i think know, it
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is only applicable to information that is gathered outside of the united states.o, in absolutely no way does it have anything to do with trump >> bill: we are talking about a conversation with a russian ambassador that is being widely speculated upon. we are talking about a new information, okay, inside the government, that was allowed by president obama and loretta lynch -- >> which only apply to foreign gathered intelligence. >> bill: russia as a foreign country. >> if you collect the intelligence of the united states, even if you a collected about russia, that does not apply, bill. that is just total speculation. >> bill: nobody is saying thaty, the laws were upheld. what we are saying is that there were two things that happened and both of them are absolutely in stone. now, we have to find out --
8:17 pm
>> that second thing has nothing to do with this. that second thing has nothing to do with this. >> bill: sure, it does, it goes to leaks. >> it doesn't go to leaks. it is not the information could not have come from the united states. that executive order changed -- it has been in the work for eight years.s. >> bill: come on. are you little bo peep tonight? if the laws are being followed, you are correct. if there is lawbreaking, if there is, a felony to leak as a speaker pointed out, if there is lawbreaking about that, all bets are off. let's advance the story. you have two things that are in stone that we know. the crux of this whole story and everything follows is who tapped flynn and the russian ambassador, right? >> there -- that is an interesting point that you raise. but i disagrcounts. first, if someone tapped the russian ambassador's phone for intelligence, you would have
8:18 pm
gathered the information from that phone call, it would haveap nothing to do -- you would not be getting a fisa warrant on trump tower. >> bill: no, but you could not disseminate the information on flynn. it is against a lot to do that -- against the law to do that to an american citizen. >> okay, but the question of who tapped the phone, they don't have to have tapped flynn's phone. that is not correct. >> bill: we want to know who tapped it and why. we start from there. >> in addition, who leaked the information. that is perfectly legitimate. >> bill: we need to find out who tapped, then, you can go, like inspector clouseau, and find out who leaked. >> inspector clouseau is not a good inspector. >> bill: do you, austan goolsbee, want to know or not? yes or no? >> i would like to know unless it would violate national security for me to find out that it actually came from the ambassador. >> bill: oh, i see. >> my question to you, bill, is this. do you really want there to be congressional investigation of
8:19 pm
who tapped flynn's phone, but you are not concerned about a series of interactions between the trump campaign and russia? >> bill: who said i am not concerned about that?ri i have said many times i want to get to the bottom of that. but i also believe clapper and senator cotton, who said -- we haven't seen anything. don't you believe them? >> they said there was no fisa warrant on trump tower. i can believe that. n >> bill: clapper clearly said, and i know you heard it, so, don't spin, there is no evidence produced to him of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. he said clear as day. >> okay, but the question to him was about fisa warrant. >> bill: now, you are getting -- >> the question is, the president of the united states accused president obama of a felony.ue that was borderline insane. they need to take his phone away.
8:20 pm
he should not be accusing people of felonies with no evidence. >> bill: maybe he has evidence. because the tap emanated, had to, in trump tower, because that is where flynn was. doc, we appreciate it. we'll see. directly ahead, brit hume on the new travel ban. does it make any sense at all? and violent political protesters in california and at middlebury college in vermont. up ahead.
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i'm ricardo, a sales and service consultant here at the xfinity store in bellevue, washington. here at the store, we offer internet, tv, phone, customer service, home security. every situation is a little different. it could be about billing, simple questions like changing the phone number. sometimes, they want to upgrade, downgrade, but at the end of the day, you want to take care of the customer. one of the great things about comcast, there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ >> bill: "hume zone" segment tonight. president trump signed another executive order restricting travel from nations he believes pose a danger to the usa. as you know, his first order wao stymied by the federal courts. this is round number two. basically the same thing, travel from, syria, iran, libya,
8:24 pm
somalia, and yemen will be inin sudan will be temporarily halted. president took iraq off that list. joining us from florida, senior political analyst, brit hume. this will be the most fun parthu of your day, not only is the travel ban thing, now, a new obamacare thing coming out of the house, which is impossibleel to understand. i can't understand it. but there are some things i will read to you after we get through the travel ban. the smarter people on fox news will explain the thing -- to me, it is like, i got a headache and i don't know, just from reading this. travel ban, to me, it seems logical, they will have a court challenge. i think it will go through. what do you say? >> i think what they have done is removed a number of the hooku that the federal courts have used to block the ban, at least temporarily. they never decided the issue on the merits, and left the core ok it in place. i think this does two things.
8:25 pm
it takes the old case off the books, basically. so we start all over again now. it is certainly possible, indeed, probably likely, that it will be challenged in court. but this order has a better chance to prevail at the trial level. and a much better chance, i think, in the long run of prevailing. i think the president would have won in the long run with the old order. but i think this order, reduced as it is, its essentials are in place, some of the other things, for example, green card holders are exempt from this, there is a period of ten days when people continue to travel. a lot of the things that -- >> bill: he rescinded his first executive order, so, that is not even going to be adjudicated in court. he'll rise or fall on this, it will be the same old thing, the liberals don't want any ban at all, they want to let everybody in, open borders. just a crazy mentality.ra
8:26 pm
this looks to me, is it going to save everybody's life? i don't know. i don't think so. but it looks logical to me and it's not bad. >> remember, bill, this is a temporary thing. a 90-day ban. that doesn't mean that for the purposes of some country, it might go on longer.. >> bill: i think it is 120 days for syria. the rest are 90. all they want to do is rampant -- ramp it up. >> they want to check on the vetting.ct >> bill: obamacare is out and the american health care act is in. this is the house of representatives now. again, as i said, i don't understand a word of it. i will read some stuff. ars "obamacare subsidies," this is the big one -- are repealed. nobody gets free health care anymore. liberals will go wild on that. that's all.ea this is according to the house. "obamacare taxes are repealed." you can't punish somebody for not having an insurance through obamacare as they would do. you can't force somebody to
8:27 pm
cover abortions. those are the three that are going to get all the headlines. what you are interested in, and brit and i were talking about the segment before we went on air, the 14,000 per family tax credit that is in this new onese then that can be used to pay health insurance premiums, correct? >> exactly, bill. what is important, the republican leadership is worried about removing the obamacare subsidies and leaving people who were depending on those subsidies without the ability to pay for insurance. so, that was a problem. this is what happens with entitlements. once people become dependent on them, it becomes extremely difficult politically to take them away. what they are doing here is thai they are providing a different kind of subsidy in the form of y tax credit. make no mistake about it, though, that is what it is. basically, this is a different kind of subsidy, up to $14,000 to purchase health insurance. there will be come under this
8:28 pm
plan it seems, a wider variety of plans available, because a lot of the mandated items thatat were to be included in obamacare approved plans are gone and people can go out and get as much or as little insurance as they think is right for their family, which i think it's a big selling points. but there is a problem. a lot of the conservatives who want obamacare repealed didn't like the subsidies and they are not going to like this kind of subsidy any better than they did in the ones in the original act. it is going to be a challenge for the republicans to gather the votes necessary to pass thes bill, because the democrats seem very unlikely to help. >> bill: unless you give the free health care, they are going to vote against it. this is in the house, so, it will take a long time. they have to reconcile it with the senate, they have to do all this business. but this is the first step. >> and it's a real plan. >> bill: it is a plan. a plan that i don't understand. but that's okay. brit hume, everybody. >> that won't last long. you'll get it. >> bill: plenty ahead as
8:29 pm
"the factor" moves ahead this evening. violence between pro-and anti-trump people. middlebury college, a professor is hurt by far left loons. we will tell you what is going on. later, watters at the trump tower. >> where are you guys from? >> from jordan. >> do you guys like donald trump?re >> i like him very much. >> why? >> because he wants to protect america. >> bill: he wants to protect america. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. protect america. we hope you success has always been measured in zeros. but shouldn't it be about firsts? and seconds... how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success. and whether you have hundreds or millions... we think you deserve the financial freedom to sleep like this at night. this is the new success story. and at t-i-a-a, we're with you. start today at t-i-a-a dot org.
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>> bill: "factor followup" segmentt. there is the feeling across the usa as some americans simply will not accept the fact that donald trump is the president. berkeley, california, a clash saturday night between pro and anti-trump people. seven injuries, ten arrests. we expect that from berkeley. even more troubling is middlebury college in vermont. students and activists there shouted down a man named charles murray, who was invited to speak at the school. >> [chanting] >> bill: in the course of the demonstration, one professor was heard. -- hurt and had to go to the hospital. joining is from boston, mary anne marsh, from washington, katie pavlich. i expect this to get worse, don't you?
8:34 pm
>> i expect it to get worse because there haven't been a lot of consequences for the actions of the "protesters," really, they are violent rioters. what we saw with mr. murray is completely unacceptable. not only did they shout him down at his speech, but they pulled the hair of one of thet professors who dared to show up with him on stage, severely injuring her neck. if you read his account of this, you can find at, you will find that it was a terrifying experience of getting pushed through a mob. they were trying to leave campus, and the mob was surrounding their vehicle, knocking down the windows. we have a choice. the administration has a choice. they can either punish the hundreds of students who engaged in the bad behavior or they can let it keep going on. the professors who also encourage the students should be in trouble, too. >> bill: absolutely. here, mary anne, a statement i got from laurie patton, the president of middlebury. it says, "because of the complexity of actions that took place, we have initiated ann independent investigation to establish a baseline of an information, once the work is completed, the college will follow the process of
8:35 pm
determining the course of action of each individual." is that good enough? >> i think that is the right step. when you look at everything middlebury did to prepare for this appearance, they did all the right things. they prepared the students, reminded them of the rules, participated in a high level, including the president. now, they are having an investigation. they have an honor code. >> bill: would you expel them if you were ms. patton, if found the students threatened the speakers and somebody hurt the professor, would you expel them? >> there is a range -- on the honor code, if you inhibit communication are people's ability to move freely, there is a range of punishments from fines to expulsion. i think it depends on what each individual did. they are going to be punished. >> bill: would you expel the worst offenders, katie? >> absolutely. i would also ask the police to press criminal charges for allegedly assaulting the professor and charles murray. if you look at the details of
8:36 pm
this, this isn't just about free speech and shouting down a professor. this is about getting violent,l. these students across the country have to understand that your first amendment rights don't trump someone else's. in order to allow a speakers to come in with different points of view, which by the way, this doesn't happen to liberal speakers, only to conservative w speakers, you have an obligation to respect their first amendment rights, allow them to if you want to have a back and forth, a q&a, fine.o but the shouting down, violent behavior, is unacceptable. >> bill: middlebury police department, small department, they say they will investigate, as well. could be criminal charges.oles obviously, she didn't sue anybody. we will follow the story. ladies, thanks, as. always. when we come back, charles krauthammer on the continuing conflict over the trump presidency. and watters at the trump tower. "the factor" is coming right back.
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8:41 pm
we look bad. right now, there is absolutely no cooperation between the two parties. as we just showed you, violence breaking out across the country. joining us from washington to put things into somewhatt prospective, charles krauthammer. are you worried about the toll this is taking on america? >> what i do worry about,, the trust in our institutions. we don't really realize in normal times how much of our democracy hinges on trust and custom and habit. i mean, after all, the peaceful transfer of power, that depends on the fact that the two sides, two parties, the two teams, accept the rules. that you give it over if you lose an election. generally speaking, that is held up for 240 years. and we do it. now, so much of what we do, thee balance of power between the branches, respect for the judiciary, one of our presidents said, i think it was
8:42 pm
andrew jackson about the chiefef justice, he has given his ruling now let him enforce it. you have to accept the fact,ul even nixon, he accepted the fact that he had to turn over the tapes. that ended his presidency. the fact is, once you start to chip away at the trust in the belief in the institutions, already at a historic low, then, you've got very little to hang on to.o. >> bill: but that is exactlyly what is happening. i think brit hume is the one who said it. he said that when donald trump won, then, it set in that the press and many in the democratic party refused to accept it, and basically said, this is a danger to the country, "this" being donald trump. and we are going to destroy him no matter what its takes. so, there wasn't that acceptance of what you just said, a transfer of power. there wasn't rooting for thee president to succeed.
8:43 pm
there was, we are going to gettr him and it is going to be nonstop. that is exactly what we are seeing. >> i think that's true. but i think it's wrong to begin history with the resistance to the trump presidency. look at what happened when barack obama was elected and who led the movement to discredit his presidency, to say he was illegitimate, to say he should never be in the white house, because he was not born in hawaii, but in kenya, but donald trump. >> bill: you can't compare the two because there was no backing for that.. that was a fringe play. now, you can chastise mr. trump for buying into that, certainly valid. there wasn't a mass press, tried to get obama, there wasn't leaks, there weren't leaks. leaks from very high placed people, trying to destroyak president obama. that is happening now. >> when trump ran for the presidency, he said many things
8:44 pm
and he said them very straightforwardly. he said this election is rigged. he said the polls are rigged. he said that the media is rigged. he said, for example, george bush, president of his own party, had deceived us, lied to us into the iraq war. it wasn't a mistake, it wasn't bad intelligence. he did it deliberately. now, if that is not shaking the foundations of the trust -- >> bill: you are saying that he is getting what he deserves? is that what you are saying?g? >> no, i am simply saying that history does not start january 20th -- >> bill: you have to start with the power structure. a campaign is different than a presidency. so, when this president wasta sworn in, certainly, you know, that the opposition said we are going to get him. we are going to get him. anyway we can get him, we are going to get him. that is a subversion that goes far beyond any campaign
8:45 pm
rhetoric, does it not? >> no. because what i'm trying to explain to you is that these things have a history and the history begins with the erosion of belief in the institutions. when you say that a republican president lied us into office, you are conditioning the country to believe the absolute worst. that is, by the way, treason. when you say that this system is rigged, and i'm not even sure i recognize the results of the election, for god sakes, trump s wins the election, then, he said the results were rigged. >> bill: he was talking about bernie sanders and that was rigged. finalbo question. do you see any kind of detente here, or is it going to be four years of the press and the democratic party doing whatever they can to destroy the man? is that what we are facing? >> i think that is what we are facing.e all i am saying is, and i don'tf
8:46 pm
approve of any of this, but all i am saying is, it is not a one-sided affair. it is a two-sided affair with the two sides undermining each other to the point where they really are in a zero-sum game to destroy one side or the other. >> bill: okay. charles krauthammer. watters on deck. some anti-trump people here in new york city say tourism is suffering because of the epresident. is that true? watters will tell us after these messages. messages. ♪ constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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8:49 pm
♪ >> bill: "back of the book" segment. "watters' world." a tourism group is predicting that tourism will decline.
8:50 pm
in the first month, hotel occupancy went up year-to-year. we sent to watters to trump tower to sample some tourist opinions. ♪ >> over 12 million foreigners visit new york city every year. critics say donald trump's travel ban will damage tourism. but hotel occupancy in the big apple is actually up. >> are you picking up a lot of tourists? >> yeah. c >> where are they all from? >> probably from europe.y >> where are you from? >> >> germany. >> do you come from france? sorry to hear that. trump tower is right over there. >> yeah, we saw it. >> so, you work inside the building? >> have you seen an uptick in visitors since donald trump has been elected? >> there has been a lot more visitors. >> are you going to go inside trump tower and have a taco bowl? >> we are not mexicans, we are from out of town. >> have you guys visited trump tower yet? >> yeah, i bought a make america great again hat.
8:51 pm
>> you did? >> yeah. >> real men wear pink. >> yes, sure, i guess. [laughs] >> i will give you $1,000 if you will leave town right now. >> why did you guys come to visit new york? >> on vacation. >> are you guys together? >> yes. together. >> okay, that isis cute. >> what do you think about president trump? >> i agree with a lot of his principles, but i just don't think he comes across -- i think he is too heavy-handed. >> we don't really agree with his policies because, especially regarding the arab world. >> he thinks it straight and he does what he says. when you do what you say, that is good. >> trump is definitely straight. >> for crying out loud. >> i think he is a good man. he likes america. >> he wants to protect america. >> i think he's a great guy because he is the first guy in the world who doesn't look for money.
8:52 pm
he's got the money already. >> i suppose that's true. >> i think he speaks for the silent majority, personally. i think the world has got a little bit too much pc. i think if we were more like that back at home, i think we would get on a lot better. >> he's got his opinions, but give the man a chance. >> trump's travel ban, do you think it is a good idea? >> good idea. for me, good idea.cos >> you've got to guide your borders. >> do you like the travel ban, yes or no? >> maybe it's a little bit good because when i see what happens in germany, we have these terrorists. we would not have them, i would feel more secure. >> are you scared? >> yes, i am. >> everything in such a mess. >> are you still bitter we beat you guys in the revolutionary war? [laughter] >> [laughter] >> do you know who i am? >> no, sorry. >> i am watters --
8:53 pm
>> what kind of stupid name is that, are you trying to be an irish r&b singer? >> and this is my world. >> have a good time. to speak i'm having a good time. not. >> bill: most of the tourists like trump? >> they do. i can't believe the only person we had to subtitle was from scotland. >> bill: did you ask the trump tower people, do they get more visitors there from abroad? people coming there as a tourist attraction? >> yeah, a huge attraction. i was there in the morning. bill, i bought some stuff at the store, it's cheap. i think they have knocked down the prices. >> bill: have they really? there is a sale? >> you can't buy any of the hats if you are from another country because it is a contribution. some guy was trying to buy hats and he was from another country, i said, give me a money, and i will buy it. >> bill: if you are ae foreigner, you can't do it? >> you have to give the money to me and then, i can. >> bill: were you arrested by the trump police? >> something like that.
8:54 pm
>> bill: watters will be back on thursday maybe. "the factor" tip of the day. acceptable behavior. "the tip" moments away. ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works by focusing right in the gi-tract to help control damaging inflammation and is clinically proven to begin helping many patients achieve both symptom relief as well as remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. while not reported with entyvio, pml, a rare, serious brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms, or sores.
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8:56 pm
>> bill: factor "tip of the day," calling out bad behavior but first, the mail. i sided with the country, joe. plenty of republicans believe as i do. the attorney general did the right thing. and promoted justice by stepping aside. again, many did, robert, but party politics do not always match up with consistent thinking, as you know.
8:57 pm
come on, some loons want sessions out no matter what he did. to think otherwise, the land of of, if he didn't think he would recuse himself, they wouldn't want him to resign? two main reasons, rob. they often despise religion. and issues that have to deal with teachers and promoting social justice. the kid is a warning, and society's fault. that is not what the data says, private schools are more demanding academically and socially. generally speaking. kids learn more. even children with caring
8:58 pm
parents. give every child a fair shot. that is right. well, good for you. let us start a national movement of random kindness. that is happening everywhere. after nearly six months in the marketplace, killing the rising sun remains in the top five. check it out, it's it really is. finally, "the factor" "tip of the day." avoiding bad behavior. i was walking down the street, he was driving the car on the sidewalk -- some guy. he was screaming obscenities at me and others. i get my little cell phone and
8:59 pm
call 911. the guy sees me dialing and takes off. i run down what happen, give them a description of the guy, hopefully they had a nice chat with him. now, i do not want to be pickyky but we let society -- the guy looked like he was on meth or something, totally out of control. i did my civic duty, just as any good citizen would. factor "tip of the day." that is it for us tonight. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be craven while writing to "the factor." and that, craven, ties right into "tip of the day." we're going to continue our reporting and get to the bottom of this tapping and all of that.
9:00 pm
i think we may break this story. i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we have three big stories all competing for attention. president trump issued a new executive order on immigration, we will talk to a pro-refugee activist who says the new order is rooted in anti-muslim bigotry. also republicans in the house unveiled their proposed replacement for obamacare. we will help you find out what is in it before the bill gets passed. trump delivered a big shock over the weekend when he proclaimed on twitter that president obama had wiretapped trump tower during the last presidential election. the former director of national intelligence went on tv and flat out denied that candidate trump and his campaign were wiretapped.